Itinerary: Boston College

Interested in touring Boston College? Here’s what a tour with a Campus Sherpa might look like. 


9:45am: I’ll meet you on Lower Campus, right by my dorm.

9:50am: We can see the Plex (our gym) and the two stadiums on campus, since they’re right next to my dorm on Lower Campus. After you’re sportsed out, we can walk to Middle Campus. Middle Campus is where you’ll be spending a lot of time in the classroom-it’s where most of the academic buildings are.  

10:10am: I’ll take you into both of the main campus libraries: Bapst and O’Neill. I’m not usually in these at 10am, but you’ll get to see where you’ll probably be spending a lot of late nights. 

10:30am: We can walk through Stokes Hall and see a typical classroom. Most of my humanities courses are in here.

10:50am: Since you’re interested in Debate, I’ll take you to the Debate room. There are usually members of the team in there preparing for the next tournament, so I’ll make sure to introduce you. 

11am: We can walk to Upper Campus via the Upper Dining Room. We can also check out the Radio HQ-I’m involved with our campus radio.

11:15am: I’ll take you to the O’Connell’s House on Upper Campus, which is our student union and has a ping pong table and a huge TV. There are also super comfy leather couches if you want to master the art of a quick college nap after our busy morning. 

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