Itinerary: Columbia University

Interested in touring Columbia? Here’s what a day with a Campus Sherpa might look like. 


Hey! I know you’re interested in Business and Marketing. Columbia is a fantastic place for you-as undergraduates, we are able to take classes in the Business School, which is a special opportunity. Since we only have 45 minutes, let me know if this itinerary sounds most interesting to you!

9am: You can sit in on my Marketing Management class for my concentration in Business Management, which is a special minor for Columbia College students-we get to take courses at the graduate Business School as undergrads. We’ll sit in on Prof. Kamel Jedidi’s Marketing Management lecture.

9:30am: I’ll give you a quick tour of Columbia’s campus, including the Business School and the Econ department, where you can meet my Econ professor.

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