Itinerary: Claremont McKenna College

Interested in touring Claremont McKenna? Here’s what a day with a Campus Sherpa might look like.


4:30pm: We can meet at The Kravis Center, one of the central hubs of campus. Ask me anything you want about the unique Consortium and life here!

4:45pm: We’ll walk around campus, and I’ll point out  all of the important landmarks. We’ll definitely stop by Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, the Institutes, Collins Dining Hall, and the Bauer Center. This might sound weird for a college, but the food here is absolutely amazing, so I’ll swipe you into Collins so you can see what options you would have.

5:15pm: We can sit by “The Hub” near the fountains and chat. I can go on and on about CMC all day! 

5:45pm: To end the tour, I’d be happy to show you my dorm so that you can see what the housing scene here is like.