Itinerary: Cornell University

Interested in touring Cornell? Here’s what a day with a Campus Sherpa might look like. 


9am: We can meet up at Olin Hall (our chemical engineering building) and explore the labs and lecture rooms. I can introduce you to one of my professors, who does office hours during this time.

9:20am: We can go to Carpenter Hall, our engineering library. All engineers go to Carpenter to study. We can also check out Duffield Hall, which is another popular study space for group projects for engineers. If you come to Cornell, you’ll be spending a lot of time in these two buildings.

9:40am: If you’re not all libraried out, we can go to Uris and Olin Library. All of our campus libraries are “gorge”ous, especially the White Reading Room. 

10:10am: We’ll walk to Rockefeller Hall, which is the hall where most labs take place. Last semester, we got to work on some awesome projects, and Rockefeller has lots of state-of-the-art equipment.

10:30am: If you want to see North campus, which houses the first year student dorms, we can check that our before we go to Cornell’s Music Program House. The Program Houses at Cornell are our themed residence halls, and living in JAM (Just About Music) is amazing. 

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