Itinerary: Harvard University

Interested in touring Harvard? Here’s what a tour with Campus Sherpa might look like.


10am: You can meet me for my English class at 10am. The class I’m in now is called Science Fiction and it’s absolutely awesome. 

11am: I’ll take you around campus and we can see some of the famous landmarks-I’ll take you to Harvard Yard, and we can sneak in to Memorial Hall. If you’re hungry, I’ll take you into our dining hall-my favorite part about Harvard. I feel like I go to school at Hogwarts.

12pm: I’m a student manager at Harvard Student Agencies, so I can show you their offices and explain the business and entrepreneurship extracurriculars at Harvard. It would be a great opportunity to talk to some of the people you’ll probably be working with on campus! I’m also part of the radio station at Harvard, so I’ll take you to their offices and introduce you to the radio family. 

12:30pm: When our tour ends, I would definitely recommend checking out Weeks Footbridge. You can get an amazing view of the Charles and campus.

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