We’re Famous!

Campus Sherpa is famous! Our recent feature in Money Magazine told you our mission: to connect real life college students to high schoolers searching for their dream school. We believe that the full college experience can’t be gleaned from the glossy pamphlets, admittance statistics, or university websites you may have spent a lot of time perusing.

Our founders found that “the official college tour delivered a load of vital information about meal plans, financial aid, and available majors. But what they didn’t learn—and couldn’t in a crowded and structured group tour, they say—was what it was like to actually be part of a particular campus.”

That’s where Campus Sherpa steps in-we want to help you learn about what it’s really like to be a college student. And who better to learn about being a college student than from college students?

Our new blog wants to expand on that mission by offering a diverse array of online content that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn what it’s like to sample hot apple cider at the annual Applefest, a favorite of Cornell students, or line up for the world’s best ice-cream sandwiches at CREAM with other Cal Golden Bears. Our contributors know what it’s like to be college students, because they are college students-and they’re ready to let you in on their secrets.

Got questions? Ask a Sherpa. Got answers? Tell us your secrets. Either way, keep checking back for more stories. Good luck in your college search!