First Year Reflections: The University of Oregon

By Sherpa Lauren Johnson

The University of Oregon is a place full of life and spirit. For me, the first couple of weeks were filled with exploring the beauty of the campus and meeting an overwhelming number of new people. It felt like summer camp without the lingering feeling that this incredible experience was only temporary. As the weeks went by, routines formed and I began to think I was fully immersed in all U of O had to offer.

However, the amazing thing about the University of Oregon is no matter how many of the aspects of the college experience I have already learned, I continue to discover so many more. Just driving through the streets of Eugene I stumble upon random little things, like houses with sunflowers painted all over them, houses that are turned into tea parlors, and secret gardens. “Only in Eugene” rushes through my mind as a small smile forms on my face.

The University of Oregon is a place where just walking to class you feel a part of something bigger, a part of a family, where strangers full of joy and excitement will shout “Sco Ducks!” back and forth to each other across the street on any given day. This is a place that makes the first year a little less scary because you are embraced into a culture of enthusiasm and eccentricity straight from the start.

I am not going to lie to you; the first terms of school were rough. Adjusting to being away from home, finding new friends while missing your old ones, along with juggling all of that with college life can be challenging. I really struggled with dealing with these changes, but looking back on my year I could not imagine trying to figure out how to live this new life anywhere but at the University of Oregon.