Itinerary: Emory University

10:00 AM: Informal Campus Tour. I don’t live in a dorm this year, but I can show you around some of the residence halls without going into rooms. Each hall has a different theme, so you can see the different types of living experiences offered. 11:00 AM: Lunch in the business school. Our business school doesn’t have class on Friday’s, but I am more than happy to walk you around the building. There might be a pitch competition that we can sit in on. My only class on Fridays is a 9 – 9:50 Econometrics class. You are more than welcome to come with me to that class, but I can ask around and see if there are any other interesting Econ classes later on in the day. 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: When the tour ends, I highly recommend exploring Atlanta (if you’re not already from here). I was a little skeptical of the city, but it has so much to offer. Decatur has some really good restaurants, and is only a 5 minute drive away. -Sherpa Lee, Emory University

What’s something people don’t know about your school? – UC San Diego

“Each college has unique events throughout the quarter and especially during finals week to give advice, promote community in the college, and provide a break from the grind of studying. Events include “Put Some Ice (Cream) on that Burn” which gives you ice cream and free blue books, Roger Revelle’s Birthday, the pumpkin drop, Watermelon Queen, etc.” – Sherpa Sara, UC San Diego

Itinerary: Harvard University

10:00 AM: We can meet at Crema Café on Harvard Square; I can say as an Italian that it’s fantastic coffee, and I can answer any of your initial questions 10:30 AM: Walking tour of the yard; two freshman dorms and common rooms, some classrooms, and the two main libraries (Widener and Lamont) 11:00 AM : Any of the following (all require some planning on my part, so please let me know which sounds most appealing) Meet with a member of the SEAS staff, quick tour of the Active Learning Labs Meet with a PBHA coordinator to discuss general offerings, check out the Youth Homeless Shelter I volunteer at Meet one of my friends who is concentrating in Math/CS and explore the Science Center with them Walk 10m to the Charles and check out some upperclassman housing along the way 11:30 AM: Lunch in Annenberg, the dining hall from Hogwarts (basically) 12:00 PM: Lecture on the macroeconomics of emerging markets by Professor Gita Gopinath. We’ll sit at the back so you can leave quietly whenever you want -Sherpa Rachel, Harvard University

Itinerary: MIT

2:00 PM: Meet at 77 Mass Ave: We’ll talk about the big entrance and The Alchemist statue. 2:30 PM: We’ll walk through the Infinite Corridor. As we go, I’ll point out big lecture halls, the Bar of Colors, go upstairs to the Barker library, and see some music rooms. 2:45 PM: Once we get to Stata and the Green Building, I can tell you about EECS and the hacks. 3:00 PM: On our way back, we’ll cross to the residential half of campus, where we can drop by the Z center (athletic building). If there’s time, we can also walk by the Charles River. 3:30 PM: We’ll take a look at Dorm Row, where most of the living groups are on campus. I’ll discuss the different cultures of each dorm, and we can visit McCormick Hall and Next House. 4:00 PM: We’ll end at the DuPont Lounge, where I have dance rehearsal at 4. -Sherpa Catherine, MIT

Itinerary: Brown University

8:50 AM: Meet under Faunce Arch, which is the main center of campus, just on the outskirts of the main green. It’ll be an easy place to locate each other and if the weather is bad, it’ll provide some coverage! 9:00 AM: Sit in on APMA0650 (Essential Statistics) course. I’m taking this class as one of my pre-med requirements, so it’ll be a good preview of what courses you might take. We can stay for half the class since it’s an 80 minute course, but we can stay as long as you want! 9:45 AM: Visit Keeney Quad, one of the main housing units for freshmen. I can show you quads, lounges, kitchens, and inside the dorm. 10:00 AM: General tour across campus. I can show you where most of the pre-med required classes take place, as well as the lab that I’m doing neuroscience research in (Bio-Med center). 10:20 AM: Breakfast/lunch at the Ratty, one of our two all-you-can-eat swipe in dining halls. I usually see some of my friends there, so we can all eat together and they can also answer any questions you might have! 10:50 AM: Questions/end tour. You can definitely ask me any questions about …

Itinerary: Cal Poly State (SLO)

10:00 AM: We can meet at the grass area of the breezeway at Orfalea College of Business for introductions! We’ll take a short tour of the College of Business and I can answer questions about majors, classes, clubs and organizations, and anything else. 10:20 AM: I’ll take you on a general campus tour, show you places most students like to study/hang out/bask in SLO sunshine, and tell you about Cal Poly culture. I’d show you Spanos Stadium, where the Blue-Green soccer rivalry with UCSB and football games take place, and our beautiful Rec center. We can also stop for food or coffee if you crave it! If you’re interested in arts, I’d like to show you Cal Poly’s Performing Arts Center, which also serves as a community hub for concerts and theater. I can also tell you about music culture around SLO! We can also take a short tour of the various dorms, especially the Tenaya red bricks which hosts mainly College of Business students. 11:00 AM: I lead weekly chapter meetings at this time for a global non-profit organization called AIESEC that helps students volunteer and intern abroad which you can sit in on! Meet some friends of mine and they can …

Itinerary: UCLA

10:00 AM: Meet on the “residence hill” (351 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90024) 10:00 am – 10:30 AM: See a dorm room, view the dining halls, computer labs, stores, and gym on the “hill” 10:30 am – 11:00 AM: Walk down “Bruin Walk,” get introduced to all the club options, view the student center and gym 11:00 am – 11:15 AM: Sit in on a class. The course is a pre-requisite class that you would have to take if you pursue a biological and physical science major 11:15 am – 12:00 PM:  Meet my friends OPTION 1: Eat on campus in Ackerman (food court near bruin walk) OPTION 2: Eat on campus at my sorority house, where you can also meet my friends! (We have chefs prepare our food everyday, I can send you the menu beforehand if you would like that) Sherpa Lauren, UCLA