Itinerary: MIT

2:00 PM: Meet at 77 Mass Ave: We’ll talk about the big entrance and The Alchemist statue.
2:30 PM: We’ll walk through the Infinite Corridor. As we go, I’ll point out big lecture halls, the Bar of Colors, go upstairs to the Barker library, and see some music rooms.
2:45 PM: Once we get to Stata and the Green Building, I can tell you about EECS and the hacks.
3:00 PM: On our way back, we’ll cross to the residential half of campus, where we can drop by the Z center (athletic building). If there’s time, we can also walk by the Charles River.
3:30 PM: We’ll take a look at Dorm Row, where most of the living groups are on campus. I’ll discuss the different cultures of each dorm, and we can visit McCormick Hall and Next House.
4:00 PM: We’ll end at the DuPont Lounge, where I have dance rehearsal at 4.

-Sherpa Catherine, MIT