Itinerary: Harvard University

10:00 AM: We can meet at Crema Café on Harvard Square; I can say as an Italian that it’s fantastic coffee, and I can answer any of your initial questions

10:30 AM: Walking tour of the yard; two freshman dorms and common rooms, some classrooms, and the two main libraries (Widener and Lamont)

11:00 AM : Any of the following (all require some planning on my part, so please let me know which sounds most appealing)

  • Meet with a member of the SEAS staff, quick tour of the Active Learning Labs
  • Meet with a PBHA coordinator to discuss general offerings, check out the Youth Homeless Shelter I volunteer at
  • Meet one of my friends who is concentrating in Math/CS and explore the Science Center with them
  • Walk 10m to the Charles and check out some upperclassman housing along the way

11:30 AM: Lunch in Annenberg, the dining hall from Hogwarts (basically)

12:00 PM: Lecture on the macroeconomics of emerging markets by Professor Gita Gopinath. We’ll sit at the back so you can leave quietly whenever you want

-Sherpa Rachel, Harvard University