Out on the Town: Coffee Shops at the University of Washington

By: Sherpa Marisa Borreggine

Campus Sherpa Staff Writer, University of Washington 

1. Suzzallo Café: The Essential UW Café

pic 1







Located in Red Square, Suz is the café you sit in for that awkward hour break in between classes your freshman year, because likely they’re all in the large auditorium hall, Kane, which is right next door. Like all the other UW cafés, they “proudly serve Starbucks”, along with pre-made salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices, etc. They also sell scantrons if you’re in a pinch, or if you’re prepared and want to buy 30 for the rest of your college career. Tip for this café: take some advice from a  Suz barista veteran, NO, we do not have pencils.

2. Parnassus Café: Underground, Literally.

pic 2

Parnassus is the unique café situated in the basement of the Art Building on the far end of the UW Quad. There’s always cool art, some cool people, and better food. There’s terrible service since it’s in the basement, but it’s pretty nice to sit in and just work on homework or read with no distractions, plus the music is always great. Tip for this café: always look at the posters on the billboards outside the café in the hallway. If you ever wonder how you missed that really cool event on campus that was under-advertised, this is where to find them.

3. Reboot Café: Arguably the most beautiful place on campus.


pic 3

I’m biased because I used to work in this café as well, but when the sun shines in this place is heavenly. They’ve got a great selection of pastries and tiny snacks, plus if you go up the stairs there’s some couches and an even more beautiful view of campus. The café-dwellers always seem to be working on something important, which follows since it’s in the electrical engineering building. Personally, I find it inspires me to work hard on whatever I’ve brought to the table. Tip for the café: Charge your computer! The outlets are always full.

4. The Burke Museum Café: The hidden gem

pic 4

This is not only my favorite café, but probably my favorite place on campus. The wood-paneled walls date back to the 1700s and if you look up, there are antique frescoes. There’s a fireplace and always somewhere to sit. Plus, if you need a break from working, you get into the Burke Museum for free as a student! Two tips for this café: Check out the geologic statues outside the café, and GO SOON! This café is going to be leveled along with the rest of the museum when they build the new Burke.

5. Orin’s Place: Professional Pasta

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This is one of those beautiful places that makes you realize how great of a campus we have. This café is in Paccar, the home of UW’s Business School, Foster. The entire building reminds me of a greenhouse with its huge glass walls and green views. There’s a lovely fireplace and a bunch of places to sit, plus outlets galore. The best part of this café, though, is probably the food. Orin’s serves soups, salad, and glorious pasta. It always smells amazing in there, and I highly recommend any of the food. Tip for this café: bring some lunch and post up for a few hours, they have a microwave! You’re pretty likely to run into someone you know there—this campus may have 40,000 people, but it’s a lot smaller than you think.