Why We Chose Georgetown

Choosing a college is not easy for most of us; it can be stressful, confusing, and overwhelming to choose where to spend the next four years of your life. We’ve been there, and some of our Sherpas from Georgetown University want to share with you why we chose Georgetown.

Sherpa Erika, MSB ’19

Sherpa Erika: MSB ’19

I initially fell in love with Georgetown because I loved the undergraduate business program and the location was perfect, but more than anything, I chose Georgetown because during my initial visit, it immediately became apparent that the students here were not only incredibly driven, but also extremely passionate about whatever it is they were involved with/pursuing. Whether it be athletics, politics, or professional clubs, students at Georgetown are constantly working towards something they love, which as a student here, I’ve come to realize not only inspires you on a daily basis, but also motivates you to strive for your goals and pursue what impassions you. While the stellar academics are doubtlessly a given, an undergraduate environment where I could pursue my professional aspirations while continuing to be involved in a myriad of activities I loved seemed so ideal, and I really couldn’t have chosen a better place to call my home for the next four years!


Sherpa Julia, COL ’19

Sherpa Julia, COL ’19
I chose Georgetown because the Hilltop feels like home. After going on so many college visits my senior year, the statistics and campuses all blended together in my mind. In the end what mattered most was how I felt about a school when I visited it. After spending only a day at Georgetown, I immediately knew it was my top choice. The upbeat atmosphere, the friendly students, the passionate professors (and not to mention the adorable mascot) all made me want to be a Hoya. I knew Georgetown would be academically challenging, but I also knew it would be a place where I could grow as a person and define myself for the rest of my life. After almost an entire year as a student here, I can confidently say that Georgetown is my home and I am proud to be a Hoya.


Sherpa Daniel B, MSB ’19

Sherpa Daniel B, MSB ‘19
I chose Georgetown because I wanted to go to a school where I would have incredible opportunities both on and off campus. Georgetown provides me with the opportunity to receive a business degree but also take many liberal arts classes outside of the business school. Being in DC, I have the chance to use what I learned in my business and government classes by interning at government agencies or think tanks in the area.



Sherpa Jackie, COL ’18

Sherpa Jackie, COL ’18
I chose Georgetown because I’ve known that I want to get into law and politics since I was in 4th grade, and there is no better place in the country (even the world) than DC to do that. Georgetown’s government department is one of the best in the nation; there’s a class for anything you could possibly be interested in, and the professors really care about seeing their students succeed, both in class and in the real world. Just saying you go to Georgetown basically gets you any internship on Capitol Hill, and our alumni network for post-grad job opportunities is fantastic. I couldn’t have picked a better place than the Hilltop to call my second home!



Sherpa Cara, MSB ’19

Sherpa Cara, MSB ’19
I chose Georgetown because it checked all the boxes of what I wanted in a school: it is intellectual, pre-professional, friendly, and vibrant. All the people I met here during admitted students weekend were super helpful and approachable. Georgetown was everything I could have wanted academically; it is challenging but also engaging, interdisciplinary, and offers a diverse array of major/minor options that give me flexibility in my coursework. I was also drawn to Georgetown’s culture, as Hoyas are working towards their passions and having fun while doing it!
Having a defined campus was also very important to me, but I was not willing to compromise on city life. Unlike many of the other schools I was looking at, Georgetown offered both of these; the campus is beautiful and collegiate but also part of the vibrant city life! DC is unparalleled not only in job and internship opportunities in DC, but also in exciting weekend adventures. I knew the Hilltop was my home the moment I stepped on campus!

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Sherpa Dan T, COL ’19

Sherpa Dan T, COL ’19
I chose Georgetown for many reasons. I almost didn’t go here- I actually didn’t put my deposit down until 45 minutes before the deadline because it took me that long to decide. While Georgetown is not necessarily known for its sciences, the Physics Department here is awesome. There are only about 15 majors in each class, so everyone becomes really close. It is also really easy to meet upperclassmen, who have served as mentors by guiding me to various clubs, classes, etc. Also, Georgetown has a really unique culture. There are great academics, sports, and social scene. Lastly, there’s a campus, a college town, and also a city, so there are endless possibilities and you can do anything and everything here.


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