Thoughts on Party Alternatives

By: Marisa Borreggine

Campus Sherpa Staff Writer, University of Washington

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you need a break from going out and partying every weekend. Not necessarily because you need more time to do homework, because let’s face it: we all need a break come Friday night. I’m raising the question, who’s to say that just because we’re in college that break has to be getting all dressed up, taking an uber ten blocks, and standing in a stranger’s home for three hours with a bunch of strangers who don’t want to introduce themselves? Who’s to say you have to wake up feeling like someone punched you in the head every Saturday? Who’s to say that is the best way to spend your free time? Not I. Here I’ll present some of my favorite alternatives to partying on the weekend that I hope you and your friends will give a chance.



Depending on where you live, there could be some really cool climbing gyms teeming with fun open late on the weekend! It’s a great way to relieve some stress after a long school week, and afterwards you can go out to dinner with Seattle Bouldering Project your friends for a much needed carbo-load!

Art Walks


Whether it’s the first Friday, second Saturday, or third Thursday, college towns seem to have an abundance of art walks. I know you’re broke, I am too! You don’t have to buy anything, the great Ballard Art Walk thing about these events is that they are free and you still get to look at the local talent. I’ve even bartered with the artists before to get a painting for $5! Get some food, take a nice walk, look as artsy as you want, and give back to the community.



Berate me all you like; I am still a huge fan of roller-blading. You probably are too, but you haven’t put on a pair of skates since you were 10! Trust me, it’s just as fun as it was when your cool friend held P. KEVIN MORLEY/RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH their 7 th birthday party at the local roller-rink and the boys won all the weird sticky-hand prizes. It’s not only a fun nostalgia trip, it’s great to laugh at the ‘skating music’, play some old arcade games, and get in a little exercise after a crazy week.

Outdoor Movies


Look hard enough, and you’re bound to find a free outdoor movie event in your area. I know of a brewing company the next neighborhood over that puts on free movie nights (open to all ages and dogs too!) every week, usually with a pretty hilarious selection of films. Bring a blanket, some lawn chairs, some hot cocoa, some snacks, and some friends!

A Fancy Feast Peddler Brewing Company


Almost every Friday night, my housemates and I gather around the table for good wine, good food, and good conversations. Cooking is such a great stress reliever, plus everyone knows that food CHRIS GRAMLY VIA GETTY IMAGES you make yourself always tastes better. Spend your night shopping the ingredients for a family feast, dessert included! I’d almost always prefer licking the batter spoon to walking a mile in the cold, how about you?

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