College Feature: How to Tell If You Can Live at NYU: A Touring Guide

By: Samantha Baugh

Campus Sherpa Blog Contributor, NYU 

Most college tours are pretty straight-forward, even the self guided ones. You want to check out the dorms, the dining halls, the facilities of your intended area of study. If you have extra time it is always good to look at the main social areas: quad, student center, and library.

The same is true for New York University. However, like our unofficial motto says, we are “in and of the city.” To tell if you really like the NYU campus vibe, you have to like the New York City vibe. Of course, no one has time to tour the entire city, let alone just Manhattan. However, the Greenwich Village area is a great place to start.

I would suggest looking for restaurants with cheap menus and good food in your area. Also, look out for spots that hold your favorite types of environments I personally spent the majority of my first semester looking for the ideal movie theatre. It is now my favorite place to get away from the non-stop feeling of the city. By the end of the first month you will have a favorite off-campus study spot or relaxation destination. The city is crazy and fun. However, its energy can also be tiring, so you will want to find a place that can work as a city escape without ever leaving the neighborhood. You are also going to want to know the best spots to get late night snacks.

NYU has a surprising amount of different buildings under its belt. Sometimes people will come to tour at arts facilities, athletic facilities, and think the options are few and far between. However, many resources, even ones under a similar category, are spread out. It is key to ask around for the best theaters, gyms, courts, etc. to get the full picture of your resources at NYU.

To complete your self-tour, you should leave campus all together. As the years go on, you will be spending less and less time in Greenwich Village. Take some time to simply hang out in different parts of the city. All of the city will be in easy access to you throughout your four years. If you like what you have done and what you see, you will definitely adapt well to life at NYU and subsequently life in NYC.


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