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It’s easy to be intimidated by college acceptance rates these days, especially with Ivy League universities like Brown. So how exactly do you stand out to admission officers for a chance to be one of the lucky 9%?

AdmitSee has a database of successful college application files. Each files not only includes essays, but also background, test scores, extracurriculars and advice. If you are applying to Brown, here are 5 essay excerpts to help you with your essay:

Elle2020, brownClass of 2020

“Are you a member of the Amish Mafia?” A classmate once asked after I told her I was Mennonite.

“Do you not use electricity?” Another student quickly speculated.

“No,” I sighed.


In this instance, as is commonplace, my disclosure was met with looks of puzzlement, and then a response along the lines of, “but you don’t seem like the rest of them.”


Throughout my life, I have heard the whole gamut of possible retorts to the statement of my religion.

ACal212, Class of 2019

I have a complex Oedipus complex: it’s quite difficult (impossible, really) to develop and then resolve a rivalry with my father if he does not exist. So, according to Freud, I’ll never form a super-ego, and I won’t develop a “moral compass.” Outdated psychological theories can be rather frustrating!


Jondouglas, Class of 2020

Being cut from the basketball team should not have come as a surprise to me. Someone with clumsy footwork and partial deafness does not exactly make the best teammate. In elementary school, I had never been a stellar athlete, a league behind or a team below everyone else. Despite loving the feeling of standing on the court and being watched, engaging the crowd, it just was not my place.

Hersh_gupta1, Class of 2020

Unfortunately, my grandmother has both, an unlucky convergence if there ever was one. She cannot see at all in dim lighting and can only marginally see better during the daytime. It makes her life a near impossibility: she cannot tell what is on the floor in front of her, she cannot see an object that is eight feet away, and she cannot tell the difference between my face and my dad’s face. For her, a device that would not only let her view objects, but also details in her environment, would be a godsend.

Mizauey, Class of 2020

At a restaurant in the middle of Manhattan, my phone buzzes with an impending FaceTime call from my sister. Disobeying a typical dinner table courtesy, I slide my finger across the screen at the approval of my parents. “Hi, sissy-ka-doo,” I say to the face that is a bit too close to the camera. “Hi sissy-poo,” my 20-year-old sister replies.

Are you looking to apply to Brown University or just starting to build out your college list? Search through AdmitSee’s profiles of students accepted to see essays, stats, and advice. See how they got in, and how you can too!

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