Dorm Tour (VIDEO): Brown University

Contributed by: Alex Volpicello, Brown University

As a part of our dorm tour series, we’re compiling videos from our Sherpas at schools across the nation! Here’s what your dorm at Brown University could look like:

Dorm Life at Brown: There is a mandatory housing requirement at Brown for your first two years, after which you are eligible to apply for off-campus permissions, but only actually likely to have them granted your senior year. Freshmen housing at Brown is almost exclusively doubles, but there are some singles and the occasional triple. You do fill out a housing questionnaire to get paired with a roommate, in which you can opt into a gender-neutral dorm room, single-sex (male or female) floors, substance-free floors, and quiet floors. Roommate pairings also consider smoking habits, studying habits, noise habits, and sleeping habits, in addition to avoiding pairing based on same first name or same home state (if USA).

Campus Sherpa is starting a dorm tour series so that you can see what it would actually be like to live at different schools. Our Sherpas are sharing videos of what their dorm rooms, apartments, or houses look like. You can check out more on our Youtube Channel

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