Search for Off-Campus Housing

By: Samantha Baugh

Campus Sherpa Blog Contributor, NYU

It is not secret that New York City is expensive. That is probably one of the first associations people have with the place. This can make finding your own place difficult. Some people elect to stay in student housing throughout their time at NYU to save money. This is a completely valid option and not uncommon. NYU’s student housing has a variety of options so finding a university apartment space is extremely easy. You won’t be stuck sharking a room forever if you don’t want to.

However, many wish to live out of student housing. But, most of these people have to go to another borough of New York to find affordable places. The most common borough is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is fun and very refreshing once you spend a lot of time in Manhattan. It is slightly more spacious and residential compared to Manhattan’s skyscraper style. There will be plenty of other NYU students taking the subway to campus with you from Brooklyn. Students also live in Queens and the Bronx or even across the Hudson in Jersey. What is strange and amazing about the city is how close everything really is, so even though there is definitely a larger commute, you will never be too far.

It is not impossible to find a place in Manhattan. The rent is just higher. You will probably need a few more roommates or find a great deal. There are many people who live here, but it is unlikely you will be walking distance. The closest neighborhood to Greenwich Village is East Village. However, even then few people decided to live there. However, that is more because students tend to like separating themselves from campus as time goes on.

Looking for off-campus housing is difficult. In the end it comes down to a lot of research and finding the perfect deal. There are hidden gems with great rent- controlled prices, but more often than not, you will be looking to Brooklyn for a home.

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