Dorm Tour: Stanford University

Contributed by: Alexandra Bourdillon

Curious what it’s like to live at Stanford? Check out this video for a brief tour of a real Stanford dorm brought to you by a current undergraduate student!

Dorm Life at Stanford: 

Housing is mandatory for freshman, but pretty normal for students to live on campus all 4 years because it is quite affordable compared to neighboring areas. There are a number of Greek and non-Greek “Row” Houses which are popular because of the strong sense of community, well-received dining options (each house has a special chef!) and location to all campus parties. These are popular for upperclassmen housing. Some (few) dorms have single sex floors. Single sex dorms are usually Greek related, but there is one exception – a smaller female-only Row House. Freshman year, housing is randomly assigned or based off of input from the “Draw form.” The other 3 years require a lottery draw system that allows students to form draw groups with close friends and rank housing. Stanford uses a tier system so that each year you are allowed to use your “Tier 1, 2 or 3” (Tier 1 being the best!).

Interested in more? Check out Campus Sherpa’s Youtube channel for more dorm videos of various universities throughout the country! 



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