Harvard Housing Memories: Kirkland House

By: Joe Luongo, Harvard University

Campus Sherpa Blog Contributor

As I mentioned, Harvard has twelve upperclassmen houses that students live in their last three years at Harvard. A building that holds a special meaning to me is my house, Kirkland House. In Kirkland House, I had three very special experiences that makes me feel that Kirkland is especially unique.

Earlier in the year, Hillary Clinton visited Harvard, in particular the Kirkland House Junior Common Room, for a small talk and interview completely unannounced and without press. I was lucky enough to meet and speak with her which still has me in disbelief. Out of all the universities in the world, and all the places and Houses at Harvard, Hillary visited Kirkland.

The second experience, which happened rather recently, involved a certain billionaire, who founded a certain social media platform who just so happened to visit Kirkland as well. Mark Zuckerberg, inventor of Facebook, was a student in Kirkland Room H-33 before he dropped out to develop and expand his creation. Two of my roommates got assigned H-33 for housing this summer, and lucky for me, I decided to visit them on the same day and exact time that Mark came to visit the room where it all began. Just like with Hillary, I was able to meet and talk to Mark Zuckerberg, which again still has me in disbelief.

Finally, Viola Davis, an Academy, Tony, and Emmy award winning actress was at Harvard to receive an award. While on campus, she of course stopped by the best house for a private dinner with its residents. Viola came to Kirkland and had a special dinner and as a huge fan it was another incredible experience to meet her.

All the houses have their own special aspects, but something about Kirkland has seemed to attract some of the most interesting, influential, and important people on the planet, which has definitely had a personal and positive impact on my life and makes me proud to be a member of Kirkland House.

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