Joining the Trojan Family

Contributed by: Bryn Doyle, University of Southern California

Whether you’re into spirit at your high school, spirit at University of Southern California (USC) is unavoidable. During freshman orientation and move in, freshmen are totally immersed in the school’s pride. The fight song is heard from every corner of campus and “fight on” victory signs are flashed at the new students. Rallies begin, and students gather at the heart of campus at the statue of Tommy Trojan.

I must admit, I participated ironically at first like many other freshmen. Now, we all fully embrace the cheesy spirit on campus because it is one of things that makes USC great. Football games are wildly fun, even if you don’t like football or sports like me. Learning the songs and cheering on Traveler, a real horse, as he runs around stadium after a Trojan Touchdown is so lively and exhilarating. Together, united by our love for our school, the Trojan Family is born and grows with every freshman class.

Perhaps the greatest part of the Trojan Family is the growing network it has in Los Angeles and the world. The school provides an extensive Trojan Network website to help current students make connections and find opportunities through alumni. Trojans are everywhere and ready to connect about the school. Whether you are walking down Venice Beach and see a USC water bottle or in the Madrid Airport and see a USC sweatshirt, throw a “fight on” victory sign and bond with a fellow Trojan (based on personal experience).


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