Tips for Acceptance and Rejection Season



Written by: Bryn Doyle (University of Southern California)

As a college freshman who applied to 19 schools, I am very familiar with the pains and joys that come with rejections and acceptances. Here are my 5 tips for college responses:  

  1. Celebrate every acceptance.

These months will be filled with rejection, so it is important to savor every acceptance. Even if you get into what you consider a “safety school,” that is something to celebrate. You are going somewhere and every acceptance broadens your choices.

  1. Let it hurt

Rejection sucks. It is that simple. Let it hurt and be sad. You are saying goodbye to an entire future you imagined, and that is a big deal.

  1. But, Rejection Doesn’t Mean Your Life is Over

There are plenty of paths for school after High School. As long as you approach your education with an open mind and enthusiasm, it will work out. Don’t be strict with your path. Maybe another school suits you better than your supposed dream school or community college will help you transfer to your dream school.

  1. Keep an Open Mind

Even if you get into that school from your list with the lowest acceptance rate and most prestige, make sure to consider your other options. Do you like the campus? Do you like the town it’s in? Are there clubs you’re interested in? Yes, college is about getting an education, but pick a school where you will enjoy yourself and feel comfortable. The school that is right for you may not be the fanciest school.

  1. Enjoy the End of Senior Year

Have fun! The summer before college is a blast. Remember to spend time with friends and family. Enjoy a few months of peace and excitement once you commit to a school because once you’re in college, it’s time to start thinking about graduate school or jobs. The grind never stops.

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