What’s something people don’t know about your school? – UC San Diego

“Each college has unique events throughout the quarter and especially during finals week to give advice, promote community in the college, and provide a break from the grind of studying. Events include “Put Some Ice (Cream) on that Burn” which gives you ice cream and free blue books, Roger Revelle’s Birthday, the pumpkin drop, Watermelon Queen, etc.” – Sherpa Sara, UC San Diego

What’s something people don’t know about your school? -Florida State University (FSU)

“Theres a lot more to FSU than football and partying. A great business school, beautiful campus, and close enough to Georgia that a lot of students go hiking and camping in the numerous locations to do so around the campus. Has a rez where students can go rent tents, go canoeing, enjoy the beach and much more awesome stuff!” – Sherpa Jonathan, Florida State University

What’s something people don’t know about your school? – University of Maryland, College Park

“We make sacrifices to our mascot statue and rub his nose for good luck on our exams and there’s a point of failure that if you step on it you’ll fail an exam, a class, a semester, or out of college. We’re a very superstitious school.” – Sherpa Kate, University of Maryland, College Park

Ask a Sherpa-Cornell University

“What’s your favorite spot on campus?” “My favorite spot on the Cornell campus the Cascadilla gorge, right in between the engineering quad and college town. When I am stressed out, I go for a run right next to the gorge. It has a beautiful stone trail and is a great spot for relaxing, splashing in the waterfalls, or even doing work at. The gorges remind me to appreciate nature, since Ithaca is gorges.” -Sherpa Alyssa, Cornell University

Ask A Sherpa-University of Notre Dame

“How does Notre Dame’s faith tradition affect the culture on campus?” -Anonymous “Although faith is a central and shared quality in the Notre Dame student’s life, it is not necessarily the most important quality whatsoever. Coming from the perspective of a non-religious student, I believe that my experience has been enriched by the faith-centered ideals of the campus. The school has a catholic based message, but the religious aspect is not overpowering when it comes to daily life. There are weekly masses in every dorm, but no student is required to go to any religious event, including these masses. The only true religious requirement is the required 2 theology courses that a student must take through their years at Notre Dame. These religious courses, however range from the course “Intro to Christianity” to a course called “World Religion”. These courses educate on all facets of religion, not specifically Christianity. On the other hand, there are a significant number of students who practice religion and their faith is very central in their daily life but you do not need to be one of those students if you do not wish to be. Whether you are religious or non-religious, you can find …

Ask a Sherpa-Texas A&M

“I want to know what the atmosphere is like as a student. I hear Texas A&M is super conservative and people look down on you with different beliefs. Also, what recommendations do you make on living in the area as a first-year student?” Howdy! Don’t let rumors fool you about what Texas A&M is like. I promise you, everyone here is friendly and respects each other. It’s what we Aggies, call “The Aggie Spirit.” You’ll soon realize the connections you have, and will make, with everyone here! For a first-year student, just like any other student really, you have so many choices to choose for student living, on- or off-campus. But it’s always great to make friends, so this is where living on-campus comes into play. If not, find an apartment/house that will satisfy your wants off-campus. Fun fact: there are over 15 bus routes here at Texas A&M, so there’s ought to be one route that passes by your apartment/home off-campus. Thanks & Gig ’em! – Sherpa Osvaldo Have a question about your dream school? We’ve got a network of real life college students waiting to answer any question you might have-whether you’re worried about the daily grind, curious about campus …