The Email to Write Before Your College Visit

By: Josh Kaplan Campus Sherpa Blog Contributor, Northwestern University  Looking to make the most out of your college visit? Connect with the people that will guide your academic experience: the professors. Each part of this process will help you build your skills as a college applicant. Plus, the relationships you form with these professors may serve you for years to come, so let’s get started. First, you have to find a few classes that interest you. Here’s a straightforward way to hone in on a few key courses. You don’t need to know your intended major; just take a peek at the available ones, and make a list of subjects that sound fun or useful. Next, find the department websites that correspond with the majors you selected. Every department at every institution should provide a list of classes online. While browsing the sometimes daunting catalogs, look for the course names that really jump out. Personally, looking for ones that brought two or more subjects together (e.g. Film and Politics in the Middle East) helped limit my list. The more niche of a department you look into, the more likely the professor is to respond, so give extra weight to these …

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -UChicago

“As cheesy as it is, people don’t know that it’s a great place! People have misconceptions about the school and about the people here, but I want to show prospective students that they will find a metaphorical home at UChicago. Be it a department, an RSO, a residential house, or a sports team — I want to give them the tools to find that place, because it DOES exist.” -Sherpa Rena