Dorm Tour: Columbia University

Contributed by: Sairaj Sajjath Curious what it’s like to live at Stanford? Check out this video for a brief tour of a real Stanford dorm brought to you by a current undergraduate student! Dorm Life at Columbia: On-campus housing is not mandatory except for first-years, although it is preferred for many students due to proximity to campus compared to apartments. First-years commuting from parents’/guardians’; residences are not required to take on-campus housing. Most floors are coed, although there are single-sex floors available for first years. I have not heard of/cannot find anything about single-sex floors for other years. Students can choose to live in doubles, singles, or in suites, although larger suites are generally reserved for upperclassmen. Some Greek organizations/other special organizations are given brownstones by Columbia; students in these organizations can also choose to live in their brownstone. Housing is guaranteed to all students for up to four years – however, students are not guaranteed their residence of choice. Dorms are assigned on a lottery system (students are assigned a number; those with lower numbers choose residences earlier than students with higher numbers). Interested in more? Check out Campus Sherpa’s Youtube channel for more dorm videos of various universities throughout the country! 

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School?

“The students at Columbia are a different type of student. Nobody is forcing them to develop their interests or passions at a much quicker rate than the average college student, but by the very nature of being in New York City and perhaps the natural selection process of students who choose to go to a school in a dense urban area, growing and cultivating interests is the “cool” thing to do on campus. This is a special quality I feel no other school in the United States can rival.” -Sherpa Derek, Columbia University