What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -Wake Forest University

“Wake Forest is really unique in that it’s a southern school filled with students from everywhere. It leads to a really interesting cultural experience. Every student finds their own niche and it’s so fun and easy to make connections. From my experience, it’s exciting because everyone on campus (students, faculty, staff) is enthusiastic about meeting new people.” -Sherpa Mary, Wake Forest University

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -University of Southern California

“People don’t know that the majority of students here are incredibly bright and unique. USC is well known for its cinema school and its athletics teams, but when I came here, I found that it is far more than that. Everyone here has their own story of where they came from and how they got here, and the people I meet every day are extraordinary in what they’ve done and what they’ve faced. Did you know that USC is the most diverse campus in the United States? Most people don’t, but walking around campus, it is evident that USC is an international hub of opportunity.” -Sherpa Megan, University of Southern California

First Year Reflections: The University of Oregon

By Sherpa Lauren Johnson The University of Oregon is a place full of life and spirit. For me, the first couple of weeks were filled with exploring the beauty of the campus and meeting an overwhelming number of new people. It felt like summer camp without the lingering feeling that this incredible experience was only temporary. As the weeks went by, routines formed and I began to think I was fully immersed in all U of O had to offer. However, the amazing thing about the University of Oregon is no matter how many of the aspects of the college experience I have already learned, I continue to discover so many more. Just driving through the streets of Eugene I stumble upon random little things, like houses with sunflowers painted all over them, houses that are turned into tea parlors, and secret gardens. “Only in Eugene” rushes through my mind as a small smile forms on my face. The University of Oregon is a place where just walking to class you feel a part of something bigger, a part of a family, where strangers full of joy and excitement will shout “Sco Ducks!” back and forth to each other across the street on any given day. This is a place that makes the first …

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -University of Michigan

“Most people assume that with a big, public university, the students are just a number and that people kind of blend in with the crowd. While that’s always an option (the Big House holds over 100,000 people on a football Saturday), there are so many opportunities to join communities and to make Michigan as individualized as you want it. I’ve had classes of over 300 and classes of just 7. The diversity of experiences here is incredible.” -Sherpa Brett, University of Michigan

Ask a Sherpa-Texas A&M

“I want to know what the atmosphere is like as a student. I hear Texas A&M is super conservative and people look down on you with different beliefs. Also, what recommendations do you make on living in the area as a first-year student?” Howdy! Don’t let rumors fool you about what Texas A&M is like. I promise you, everyone here is friendly and respects each other. It’s what we Aggies, call “The Aggie Spirit.” You’ll soon realize the connections you have, and will make, with everyone here! For a first-year student, just like any other student really, you have so many choices to choose for student living, on- or off-campus. But it’s always great to make friends, so this is where living on-campus comes into play. If not, find an apartment/house that will satisfy your wants off-campus. Fun fact: there are over 15 bus routes here at Texas A&M, so there’s ought to be one route that passes by your apartment/home off-campus. Thanks & Gig ’em! – Sherpa Osvaldo Have a question about your dream school? We’ve got a network of real life college students waiting to answer any question you might have-whether you’re worried about the daily grind, curious about campus …

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School?-Quinnipiac University

“I always assumed Greek life was a huge deal in college, and for some colleges, it is. Here at Quinnipiac, that’s not the case. While some students do participate in Greek life to gain friendships and form close connections, there are a large number who choose not to. Overall, among the students at QU, whether in Greek life or not, there is a strong sense of community and belonging. You’re never left out.”-Sherpa Joel, Quinnipiac University

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? Connecticut College

“Connecticut College is a place where you’ll have insane amounts of fun and form the closest relationships of your life. It also has one of the most renowned Career Service programs in the country, where every student gets a $3000 stipend to do the internship of his or her dreams the summer between junior and senior year. It’s a hidden gem often mistaken for UConn.”-Sherpa Joanna, Connecticut College

First Year Reflections: Tufts University

By Sherpa Emma Conroy At Tufts, every decision you make is valued. People will always respect you, no matter what you choose to do in with your time here: there are so many ways to have the “Tufts Experience,” and we all know that our own experience is no more correct or valuable than anyone else’s experience. There will always be someone who wants to do what you want to do, and everyone is so friendly that the friends of your friends are instantly your friends too!

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -University of Notre Dame

“People do not realize that despite the size of Notre Dame, the connections and people you meet grow exponentially throughout the years. When walking around the quad, you’ll see a handful of people you recognize. This builds to the overwhelming sense of community you feel. It’s more than just the masses, football games, or classes – there’s a feeling on the campus of a family.”-Sherpa Elizabeth, University of Notre Dame

First Year Reflections: University of Chicago

By Sherpa Caitlin Piccirillo-Stosser The University of Chicago really has its own culture that every student seems to immediately understand upon first starting school. This culture means that as soon as you spend a couple days on campus, immersed in everything U Chicago, you come to understand something about everyone else in your class, on your floor, that you pass by as you walk through campus: everyone who goes to UChicago understands each other on some level, because of this unique culture and the fact that all of us experience it. U Chicago is a school that, even though it’s obviously extremely competitive, doesn’t feel cutthroat at all. In fact, we are encouraged by our professors to have study groups and to work together on our homework. I think the best thing about UChicago is the feeling of community that being a student here creates. Even if you’re walking through campus alone or grabbing a quick bite at the dining hall in between classes, you know that all the students around you share a similar set of experiences that only UChicago students can know. The feeling of community is all around: it’s in the Hogwarts-style housing system, it’s in the classes, it’s in the RSOs (Recognized Student Organizations). …