My College Admissions Story: Cornell University

By: Sherpa Alyssa Holman Blog Contributor, Cornell University  A Tear-Filled Journey I knew I wanted to go to Cornell University, so when it came time to apply to colleges, I sent in my Early Decision application to Cornell and waited tirelessly for a response. Finally, the day came when Cornell released their admittance. All of this was amidst my finals week; therefore, I was stressed and anxious. Cornell’s online portal opened at 2:00 PM PST, 15 minutes before my AP Latin Final. I paced anxiously until 1:50 PM. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I logged into the portal and kept clicking refresh. These ten minutes felt like a century. Finally, exactly at 2:00 PM, I accessed the portal and began to cry. My friends saw and started to comfort me, saying “It’s ok” and “You didn’t get in?” and “Don’t worry.” I couldn’t even speak enough to tell them I was accepted. I pulled them in and showed them my computer, and they started to cry with me. We sat there for a few minutes, all so surprised and happy at the news. I called my mom, and she started crying too. All throughout my Latin final, I couldn’t concentrate. The news of the acceptance had overwhelmed and …

Ask a Sherpa-Cornell University

“What’s your favorite spot on campus?” “My favorite spot on the Cornell campus the Cascadilla gorge, right in between the engineering quad and college town. When I am stressed out, I go for a run right next to the gorge. It has a beautiful stone trail and is a great spot for relaxing, splashing in the waterfalls, or even doing work at. The gorges remind me to appreciate nature, since Ithaca is gorges.” -Sherpa Alyssa, Cornell University

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -Cornell University

“Cornell is a campus full of many surprises. Sometimes it’s intense and challenging, but it is a place rich of opportunity and excitement. Cornell really allows the student to take control of their future by providing an intellectually stimulating environment full of opportunities.” -Sherpa Sonali, Cornell University

Out on the Town: Cornell University

By Sherpa Alyssa Holman Although Ithaca seems like a small town with nothing to do, it’s actually bursting with life. And Ithaca is at its best on the first weekend of October for its annual Applefest. Applefest is a huge festival featuring every apple creation you could imagine: from hot apple cider to apple donuts to apple cake, any food that can somehow incorporate apples is sold at Applefest. Although Ithaca winters can get cold and long, fall in Ithaca is truly magical: the changing leaves are absolutely beautiful, and the magic of the season can be best encapsulated by the sense of community that Applefest brings. Over seven thousand people attend Applefest, including town residents, college students, and faculty. Each one leaves a little bit warmer, both from sips of hot apple cider and from the happy bustling of the Ithaca community. And, a tip for any of you first-time Applefest attendees: make sure to get the apple donuts and dip them in warm apple cider-the combination makes for the most delicious treat ever.