Out on the Town: Chapman University

One of the best parts about Chapman is its close proximity to downtown Orange, otherwise know as The Orange Circle. The Circle is full of hidden gems, and sometimes I make it a tradition to go around and try to explore them all, finding out which ones are my favorite. Among all of these amazing places in the upcoming college downtown area, there is an amazing Mexican restaurant called Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican. This place is one of my favorites, because it is a church that was turned into a restaurant. Imagine stepping into a holy place, and then realizing that they serve the best Mexican food in Orange County there. The atmosphere in the restaurant is wonderful, and I’ve never had a better burrito in my life. It’s hard to have a walkable campus in Southern California, and that’s why Chapman is so unique. We’re not a major car campus like other universities, and we have so many amenities within walking distance – this makes it a perfect place to walk-around and to live. I love it here, and want to make sure that people know that we are an amazing institution, and on the rise to becoming one …

Out on the Town: University of Oregon

By Sherpa Lauren Johnson Perfectly placed in between our spirited game days, campus plays host to the fall term street fair. Vendors from all over Oregon come out and bring the students super yummy food like Oreo dipped ice cream bars, snow cones, elephant ears, gyros, BBQ and so much more. But don’t worry, the food only makes up half of it! Students can buy jewelry, tapestries, posters and all types of super unique clothes! (I just bought a pair of adorable elephant shorts). The street fair is a dream land with all the food and goods you could ever ask for, enlivening our campus for three days twice a year.