What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -Emory University

“Something that I don’t think people realize when looking at the school is how genuinely nice people here are. When looking at top schools one of the things that I was worried about is a community where people are more cutthroat and much more focused on their own success than that of their friends. Here I can always find someone to help me out or work with me and it’s just really wonderful.” -Sherpa Shaina, Emory University

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School? -University of Southern California

“People don’t know that the majority of students here are incredibly bright and unique. USC is well known for its cinema school and its athletics teams, but when I came here, I found that it is far more than that. Everyone here has their own story of where they came from and how they got here, and the people I meet every day are extraordinary in what they’ve done and what they’ve faced. Did you know that USC is the most diverse campus in the United States? Most people don’t, but walking around campus, it is evident that USC is an international hub of opportunity.” -Sherpa Megan, University of Southern California

First Year Reflections: The University of Oregon

By Sherpa Lauren Johnson The University of Oregon is a place full of life and spirit. For me, the first couple of weeks were filled with exploring the beauty of the campus and meeting an overwhelming number of new people. It felt like summer camp without the lingering feeling that this incredible experience was only temporary. As the weeks went by, routines formed and I began to think I was fully immersed in all U of O had to offer. However, the amazing thing about the University of Oregon is no matter how many of the aspects of the college experience I have already learned, I continue to discover so many more. Just driving through the streets of Eugene I stumble upon random little things, like houses with sunflowers painted all over them, houses that are turned into tea parlors, and secret gardens. “Only in Eugene” rushes through my mind as a small smile forms on my face. The University of Oregon is a place where just walking to class you feel a part of something bigger, a part of a family, where strangers full of joy and excitement will shout “Sco Ducks!” back and forth to each other across the street on any given day. This is a place that makes the first …

Our Campus Secrets: Memorial Auditorium at Ohio University

By Sherpa Rachel McClure My favorite hidden gem on campus is actually right in plain sight, but rarely recognized. The back of Memorial Auditorium offers a concrete patio where I love to sit on the ground and take in my surroundings. It’s such an epic feeling to view the iconic College Green before me with the orchestra practicing behind me inside the auditorium. I love to sit here and soak in all the history on the same grounds where Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Obama once addressed our student body.

Out on the Town: Chapman University

One of the best parts about Chapman is its close proximity to downtown Orange, otherwise know as The Orange Circle. The Circle is full of hidden gems, and sometimes I make it a tradition to go around and try to explore them all, finding out which ones are my favorite. Among all of these amazing places in the upcoming college downtown area, there is an amazing Mexican restaurant called Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican. This place is one of my favorites, because it is a church that was turned into a restaurant. Imagine stepping into a holy place, and then realizing that they serve the best Mexican food in Orange County there. The atmosphere in the restaurant is wonderful, and I’ve never had a better burrito in my life. It’s hard to have a walkable campus in Southern California, and that’s why Chapman is so unique. We’re not a major car campus like other universities, and we have so many amenities within walking distance – this makes it a perfect place to walk-around and to live. I love it here, and want to make sure that people know that we are an amazing institution, and on the rise to becoming one …

Out on the Town: Cornell University

By Sherpa Alyssa Holman Although Ithaca seems like a small town with nothing to do, it’s actually bursting with life. And Ithaca is at its best on the first weekend of October for its annual Applefest. Applefest is a huge festival featuring every apple creation you could imagine: from hot apple cider to apple donuts to apple cake, any food that can somehow incorporate apples is sold at Applefest. Although Ithaca winters can get cold and long, fall in Ithaca is truly magical: the changing leaves are absolutely beautiful, and the magic of the season can be best encapsulated by the sense of community that Applefest brings. Over seven thousand people attend Applefest, including town residents, college students, and faculty. Each one leaves a little bit warmer, both from sips of hot apple cider and from the happy bustling of the Ithaca community. And, a tip for any of you first-time Applefest attendees: make sure to get the apple donuts and dip them in warm apple cider-the combination makes for the most delicious treat ever.