10 Mistakes You Don’t Need to Make Your Freshman Year (as seen on Buzzfeed)

By: Rose Mannas Campus Sherpa Staff Writer, The University of San Francisco Buying Textbooks Before Class Starts I get it. You want to be fully prepared for the first week of classes and not have to dread waiting hours in the bookstore line. I did this too, and dropped almost $300 on books I virtually never using. Don’t kid yourself— if you want it just for ‘reference’, you’re going to Google it before you lug down a textbook from the top of your closet. Adding Everyone on Facebook I know this feels like a good idea, but you need to think about the future. When you and that person make eye contact in the cafeteria, are you going to say something or just smile and look away? They get that odd feeling that you stalked their profile and now… here you are. How creepy is that? Overusing the Class Facebook Page One of my greatest pastimes as an upperclassman is scrolling through those painful posts before freshman year of those seeking to find a roommate. It is almost like reading a bad Craigslist dating ad. Serial commenters say, “Messaged!” and “I love X music, too!!”. Don’t be one of those …

What’s Something People Don’t Know About Your School?

“Wake is somewhat of a hidden gem, especially for someone like me from the West Coast.Greek life is an important aspect of the campus community, but there are many other ways to be involved on campus and find your “niche.” Clubs on campus range from your typical book reading club to club cross country and even a frisbee club. As a sophomore here at Wake, straight from the distant San Francisco Bay Area, I can say wholeheartedly that I have no regrets coming to Wake. Students at Wake come from all over the country, allowing one to perhaps step out of your comfort zone. The people, thanks in part to the warm southern hospitality, are incredibly welcoming. I would not trade my decision to attend Wake Forest University for anything else, I absolutely and unequivocally love it.” -Sherpa Ryan, Wake Forest University