Harvard’s History – The “John Harvard” Statue

By: Joe Luongo Campus Sherpa Staff Writer, Harvard University At the heart of Harvard University’s campus, right in the center of Harvard Yard is arguably Harvard’s most famous and sought out landmark: the “John Harvard” Statue (yes, the quotation marks are there for a reason). This bronze statue depicts a man sitting on a chair reading a book upon a base and was sculpted in 1884 by Daniel Chester French. It is believed to be the third most photographed statue in the United States, which I can attest to as there are tourists constantly taking pictures 24/7 blocking my route to class. The only two statues in the whole country believed to be photographed more are the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial, with Lincoln also being sculpted by French. The statue originally resided in front of Memorial Hall, but was moved to the front of University Hall in 1924, in Harvard Yard, where it is today. As ironic as it may be, the flagship attraction at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, whose motto is “veritas” which literally means “truth” in Latin, is known as the statue of three lies. The inscription on the front …

My College Admissions Story: Cornell University

By: Sherpa Alyssa Holman Blog Contributor, Cornell University  A Tear-Filled Journey I knew I wanted to go to Cornell University, so when it came time to apply to colleges, I sent in my Early Decision application to Cornell and waited tirelessly for a response. Finally, the day came when Cornell released their admittance. All of this was amidst my finals week; therefore, I was stressed and anxious. Cornell’s online portal opened at 2:00 PM PST, 15 minutes before my AP Latin Final. I paced anxiously until 1:50 PM. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I logged into the portal and kept clicking refresh. These ten minutes felt like a century. Finally, exactly at 2:00 PM, I accessed the portal and began to cry. My friends saw and started to comfort me, saying “It’s ok” and “You didn’t get in?” and “Don’t worry.” I couldn’t even speak enough to tell them I was accepted. I pulled them in and showed them my computer, and they started to cry with me. We sat there for a few minutes, all so surprised and happy at the news. I called my mom, and she started crying too. All throughout my Latin final, I couldn’t concentrate. The news of the acceptance had overwhelmed and …

Out on the Town: Coffee Shops at the University of Washington

By: Sherpa Marisa Borreggine Campus Sherpa Staff Writer, University of Washington  1. Suzzallo Café: The Essential UW Café             Located in Red Square, Suz is the café you sit in for that awkward hour break in between classes your freshman year, because likely they’re all in the large auditorium hall, Kane, which is right next door. Like all the other UW cafés, they “proudly serve Starbucks”, along with pre-made salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices, etc. They also sell scantrons if you’re in a pinch, or if you’re prepared and want to buy 30 for the rest of your college career. Tip for this café: take some advice from a  Suz barista veteran, NO, we do not have pencils. 2. Parnassus Café: Underground, Literally. Parnassus is the unique café situated in the basement of the Art Building on the far end of the UW Quad. There’s always cool art, some cool people, and better food. There’s terrible service since it’s in the basement, but it’s pretty nice to sit in and just work on homework or read with no distractions, plus the music is always great. Tip for this café: always look at the posters on the billboards outside …

What’s something people don’t know about your school? – Harvard University

“Every year in the spring, there is a day called Housing Day, which is essentially a school wide holiday. On this day, freshman are delivered their housing assignment (which of the 12 upperclassmen houses they will live in for the next three years). Upperclassmen from your house rush into your room to hand you the letter and celebrate your assignment. Then, you get oriented to your new house and community during the rest of the day and at night!” – Sherpa Josh, Harvard University

What’s something people don’t know about your school? – UC San Diego

“Each college has unique events throughout the quarter and especially during finals week to give advice, promote community in the college, and provide a break from the grind of studying. Events include “Put Some Ice (Cream) on that Burn” which gives you ice cream and free blue books, Roger Revelle’s Birthday, the pumpkin drop, Watermelon Queen, etc.” – Sherpa Sara, UC San Diego

Itinerary: UCLA

10:00 AM: Meet on the “residence hill” (351 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90024) 10:00 am – 10:30 AM: See a dorm room, view the dining halls, computer labs, stores, and gym on the “hill” 10:30 am – 11:00 AM: Walk down “Bruin Walk,” get introduced to all the club options, view the student center and gym 11:00 am – 11:15 AM: Sit in on a class. The course is a pre-requisite class that you would have to take if you pursue a biological and physical science major 11:15 am – 12:00 PM:  Meet my friends OPTION 1: Eat on campus in Ackerman (food court near bruin walk) OPTION 2: Eat on campus at my sorority house, where you can also meet my friends! (We have chefs prepare our food everyday, I can send you the menu beforehand if you would like that) Sherpa Lauren, UCLA