Itinerary: UC Davis

I’d like to meet in the center of UC Davis’s quad, as it is easily recognizable and I can tell you about my experiences and the events that happen on the quad throughout the year. I’ll take you towards Wellman Hall and show you the locations of some of the bigger lecture halls that I’ve had Computer Science courses in, along with the exact spot on campus that I remember deciding to choose Davis. From there, we’ll head South towards Tercero (my housing location) and give you the details of the three housing options that the housing tours tend to leave out. Almost right next to Tercero is Kemper, which will be the main stop of the tour. Kemper is the UC Davis CS and Engineering building, filled with programmers at nearly all times of the typical school day. I can take you to the infamous Kemper basement, which has been where CS students meet up together to work their school projects for quite a long time. If we have any time left after showing you Kemper, I’ll take you towards the Silo, which is another one of campus’s hubs for gathering (and also for food!). Sherpa Christian, UC Davis